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Light Reflector Design Software

SHAPE reflector design software is used for optical calculation and reflector design with mirror surfaces. SHAPE can be applied to reflector design of street and architectural lighting equipment, for outdoor illumination of industrial facilities, railway stations and so on, as well as for indoor illumination of administrative, residential, and industrial buildings.

Lighting systems with mirror reflectors calculated with the program can be used in reflector design of solar simulators, automobile headlights, medical luminaries, luminaries for photographic studios and so on. The calculation method of reflector design software SHAPE incorporates geometrics and light characteristics of a light source to its fullest extent. Use it for effective design of LED lighting equipment, the current trend in home and industrial illumination.

The SHAPE program for reflector design uses a time-saving interface for graphic representation of an optical system and light distribution curves, coupled with a mechanism for comparing differently calculated data. The software has a well-developed wizard to quickly compile data necessary to solve a problem. A task scheduler quickly and efficiently finds the best solution for solving a lighting problem and calculating the optimum reflector. The software also provides several examples of optical calculations.