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Optical Systems Design Optimization

SHAPE software allows users to optimize the parameters of optical systems during optical systems design. Optimization can be carried out for the problem of reflector simulation and synthesis. The main purpose of optimization is to obtain the parameters of optical system that ensure its maximum efficiency.

Optical system efficiency depends on the properties of the light source, reflector, and illuminated area:

  • A light source – the selection of optimum luminous intensity distribution, the number of light sources, position and orientation of a light source as regard to the reflector.
  • A reflector – the selection of optimum opening’s diameter (for example, for a lamp or a fixture), the reflector shape and dimensions, the estimation of aberrations effect.
  • Illuminated area – to specify the dimensions of the working plane and to establish the mapping between boundary reflected rays of the reflector and the illuminated area boundaries that determine straight or crossed ray-tracing scheme.

Efficiency criterion is specified by a planner. For example, it may be non-uniformity of illuminance, efficiency of using optical system with respect to the light flux, shape of light distribution curve etc.

Thus, the variation of one of the abovementioned parameters with the specified effectiveness criterion improves optical systems design.