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Preliminary Reflector Design

SHAPE provides a mode of preliminary optical systems design for the reflector shape according to the maximum value of utilization factor of the system light flux while there is no binding to the character of light distribution on the working plane.

The program's algorithm of the preliminary optical systems design is co-related with the tracing function, which is linear law-based in correspondence with the specified start and final angles of reflection. The relationship between the ray tracing and the illuminated area (which dimensions determine the boundary values of the tracing function) is clearly demonstrated. The results obtained, with the help of the preliminary optical systems design, make it possible to compare different versions of optical systems and choose the most technologically efficient (in shape) and economical (in the use of luminous flux) version.

The software for preliminary optical systems design, which is based on linear ray tracing, allows simplified calculation for users. One should not specify the light distribution curve (luminous intensity distribution or illuminance), but when the illuminated area dimensions are specified, the user sets the highest value of the light flux utilization factor in the reflector properties. Then, the obtained shape coordinates are improved in SHAPE using simulation with light distribution calculations.